concept of BATIK 

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A Tribute to Cultural Heritage

Arts and manifestations of human intellectual has been inherited since hundreds years ago, from generation to generation.

Culture is around us, even for not being notice, it become part of us, living inside us. The bestowned legacy is our identity but not just enough to be proud of. This philosophy inspired the ground of Batik Restaurant Bar, a tribute to Indonesia and South East Asia’s cultural heritage established to continue the story of our ancestors.

Batik Heritage

A process of dedication, patience, and thoroughness painted in piece of cloth. Batik is more than just an art, it is prove of intention and love. Indulge your sight with the beauty of Batik visualized in every corner of our restaurant.
Get yourself exploring philosophies behind Batik patterns all across Indonesia in each of your steps.

Colonial Heritage

Get ready to rediscovering a trip through colonial era. BATIK Restaurant
and Bar’s architecture represent to honor the struggle and glory of the past.
Aimed to recall the forgotten history, our interior is designed passionately
to drift up both modern and historical ambiance.

South East Asian Cuisine

The emerging of South East Asian cuisine has proven the world for its heavenly taste. The overall techniques and requirements of batik art have been inspiring our approach in order to create, present and serve delicate dishes coming from Indonesia and South East Asia with the same attitude of preciseness and patience. From the kitchen to your plates, our food will serve you the decades legacy flavors that worth a walk-back.